Who’s Normal?

“The Red Light District” makes a big point about the importance of being able to quickly and accurately read and assess people as you meet them. The book, “Find Out Who’s Normal and Who’s Not,” by David J Lieberman, PhD, is a book I recommend to increase your ability to do just that. The book is not overly complicated and doesn’t require a lot of clinical knowledge or labels. It hits me as a rather common sense and easily enough understood plan by most people who can read a 150 page, nonfiction book.

Among other things he defines and emphasizes is the importance for each one of us of self-esteem, responsibility, perspective and relationships, and shows how these interwork to create our level of successful functioning in life.Using these as a basis for describing how we operate psychologically, he shows how to build an emotional profile of someone as you are beginning to get acquainted with him.I think you’ll find the book quite interesting and helpful.

It’s an interesting world.