Spy Fun

spy poster melissa“Spy” is a James Bond genre action film with all the frenetic combat, special gadgets and exotic European locations you have come to expect from these offerings. The two huge exceptions are that our undercover superagent is plus size woman Susan Cooper, played by Melissa McCarthy, and the film is a hilarious comedy! McCarthy has been referred to as the funniest woman in the world and she certainly doesn’t disappoint here.

The basic setup is that Cooper is a highly trained CIA field agent who, because of her size and being a woman, has a career limited to sitting at a desk and feeding information to the strikingly handsome male superhero Bradley Fine (Jude Law) we would expect in such a film. When the situation offers an opportunity, events take a dramatic turn with our heroine being released upon the world to perform her nonstop hilarity and over-the-top physical feats as she vigorously confronts the minions of evil.

“Spy” includes a bit of the real-life poignancy of a person held back by society’s preconceptions. These moments of vulnerability are handled deftly by McCarthy and before things can get preachy the hilarious action wraps it all in great fun.

McCarthy has always been crashing through the stereotypes most would have for her, by refusing to assume these should have anything to do with her choices. She’s become quite a role model whether or not she intended to. She certainly can be taken seriously as a comedienne. I wouldn’t be surprised if she could handle some really serious drama. Way to go, Melissa!