The Candidates’ Wives


Watching the national conventions for the Republicans and the Democrats the last couple of weeks I was particularly interested in the speeches given by Ann Romney and Michelle Obama. The women, in their speeches, were excellent illustrations of the fact that in dating and marriage equals attract. Each of these women is highly competent, has already had a history of real accomplishment in life, evidences a very strong connection with her husband, is quite skilled verbally and brings honor to her husband. Each one of these four could have been successful in a variety of endeavors and likely could have been quite successful even if married to other people. The two women are quite different from each other yet each would be a good partner to have on your team. The same can be said for the two men. Each woman was an equal and appropriate partner for the man she married. Not only that, each marriage seems to be blessed with a great deal of natural compatibility between the partners. It is not accidental that these women attracted and connected with the men they did. For each of them the American mate selection process worked the way we wanted to. Each of these four was free to search and choose partners during their dating years, to attract people that appealed to them, had sufficient time to test the wisdom of connecting for the future and created a marriage with an appropriately equal and compatible partner. It seems that each couple is a walking example of how the companionate marriage should work.