George’s Book

I’ve been very aware of all the interest being shown on various news and cable shows about George W. Bush’s book, Decision Points. I haven’t put reading that book in my schedule yet but intend shortly to do that. One thing his presidency well illustrates is that whatever our plans may be for a given segment of our life, things could change dramatically and we would have to deal with something we didn’t have in our plans. Whatever George Bush expected to do his first term in office, I feel certain he didn’t plan on the biggest project being the World Trade Center bombing and having to make dealing with Islamists, the all-concern of his presidency. I’m also confident he didn’t come into office planning to deal with Katrina, New Orleans, levy failures, etc that nonetheless forced him to give great time and attention to an unexpected project.

Most people who have lived a few decades can look back and see things similarly unexpected that sharply redirected their lives from the course they had planned for it. It illustrates that being flexible and having the willingness to learn new bodies of information and pick up new skills is equally important as careful planning and preparation.

I’ll be interested to see how these points are illustrated in George Bush’s memoir.

It’s an interesting world,