Today in Frisco

Well, today is my first day to blog… oh boy!

Yesterday was a significant day in the life of Cowboys fans, as we’ve had another changing of the guard, hoping for a better outcome than the last few times a change has been made. A lot of people suggest that the Cowboys need a better general manager more than they need a new coach, but OOPS, Jerry is the general manager, so I guess that’s not going to be happening. In the old days, the Cowboys had an owner, who hired a general manager, (and let him do his thing), who hired a coach (who had a lot of power to do his thing), and the Cowboys became America’s team. Now we have a general manager and owner combination, and maybe even owner/gm/head coach in one person. There probably needs to be more division of labor here… Hopefully Jason Garrett can be his own man. End of discussion.

It’s an interesting world,